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Per aspera ad astra!
Through hardships to the stars

Welcome to the world of Pokemon!

What is this?

Pokeau is a passion project of mine coming up on 8 years. As the name puts it, it's an AU of pokemon! The story is kind of a mess but it makes me very happy.

You can read a proper intro here!

I am in the process of migrating this website from Tumblr, so excuse the dead links and the general mess!
edit: how long until i ditch this layout and make this thing look like it's from 2012. vote now on your phones.

edit 2: PRELIMINARY 'THIS IS AN AU FANFICTION MESS' WARNING. if you're the type to get angry that i transed like half the cast's genders then pls leave me olone thanku. ill make this homepage sexy later

this is my aboutme page in the meantime


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